Weekly What If: Buy Out Business Partner

Exit Strategies What if we buyout our business partner?  For some companies, their biggest roadblock to growth isn’t a lack of ideas, motivation or initiative. It is a business partner that has other priorities.  For companies with significant growth potential, this challenge arises frequently. One owner wants to grow; the other wants to sell.  One owner sees potential and the other sees risk. Sometimes this comes from different perspectives, stages of life or generations like in family businesses (the younger generation wants to build wealth while wants to protect it).  Owners caught in this position can go through years of […]

The Wonder of Bras: Tales From Hollywood Boulevard

The Wonder of Bras Recently we were asked to consider sitting on a panel for an executive conference of growing companies, and of course, we jumped at the chance.  But, one of the “corporate sponsors” (i.e. an investment banking firm) quacked at the thought of it, and so we were asked to participate in a program later in the year. Why?  Of course we know why!  Investment bankers are our competition and although a national accounting/consulting firm highly recommended us, the investment banker wasn’t buying it.  Using Lantern Capital Advisors to raise capital or get a company refinanced is like […]

Weekly What If: Testing The Capital Markets Before Accessing The Markets

As the financial markets began to unravel late in summer of 2008, many financial institutions stopped funding new investments. This directly impacted all sorts of companies and their ability to get new financing. For us, a corporate financial consulting firm that raises capital for growing companies, this was a particularly worrisome challenge because we work on an hourly fee only basis rather than a brokerage and investment banking approach, which relies on big ‘success fees’ upon closing. Believing in our hourly based approach (which offers much lower fees and better objectivity), we now had a new pressing challenge. How do […]