What Drives Up Multiples in Enterprise Value?

Corporate Financial Planning: What Drives up Multiples?  Last newsletter, I provided a short (as I could) explanation of how to calculate enterprise value (EV) and why EV is an important topic for internal planning, valuing private company acquisitions, management buyouts and partner buyouts. A common follow-up question I get related to EV is What factors can drive up the multiples used in the enterprise valuation calculation? I will try to try to briefly tackle that question.  Key Reminder  Before we get to far down the road, its important to remember actual selling price and enterprise value are two different things. Selling price is an actual value a willing buyer […]

Getting More From Your Bank – Example

Getting More From Your Bank – Example In the last post, I made the point that if you want more capital from your bank and they won’t give it you, then then go out and get financing proposals from another bank and your existing bank is likely to step up and match it.  Now, I will share an example to illustrate the point.  Earlier this year, Lantern Capital Advisors had a client that was coming out of a downturn where they had generated losses the previous two years. The reasons for these losses were the result of ‘self inflicted’ strategy […]

Using Capital To Grow Your Business As Featured On Texas Business Radio

Using Capital To Grow Your Business  As Featured on Texas Business Radio Texas Business Radio Featured Chris Risey, President of Lantern Capital Advisors as part of their national advisor showcase to discuss how entrepreneurs are using capital to grow their business.  Lantern Capital Advisors helps clients understand their options and match their financing needs as it relates to raising capital. Here is the transcript: Matt Register: Hey Guys, welcome to the show, Texas Business Radio. Texasbusinessradio.com is the Web site. We’re to a section we like to call National Adviser Showcase. There are a lot of really smart guys coming to […]

Getting More Capital Out of Your Bank

Getting More Capital Out of Your Bank Growing companies often struggle to get enough capital to grow the way they want. Its not uncommon for business owners to wine and dine their banker then ask for a credit increase and be denied. A way to change that dynamic is to go out and shop for a new lender. If another bank is willing to provide a bigger credit facility, there is a good chance your existing bank will step up and match the other offer (saving you the trouble of changing banks). I’ve seen this play out more times than […]

Growth and Liquidity Financing: How We Helped a Client Fund Faster Growth and Take Capital Out of Business

Growth Capital and Liquidity Financing:  How Lantern Capital Advisors helped a client fund faster growth and take capital out of the business. Situation:  Owners of a growing software and services company were interested to explore financing alternatives to fund faster growth as well as take capital out of the business. How Lantern Capital Advisors helped secure growth capital financing:  Lantern helped the company secure a variety of financing alternatives that ranged from bank debt financing of $3 million (without personal guarantees) to a variety of specialty debt and equity financing solutions that ranged from $5 million to $25 million. What our […]

Focus on Growing Cash Flows Not Just Revenue

Several entrepreneurs with fast growing businesses told me they have recently made cost reductions in response to slowing business and the economy. One business owner told me, he and his CEO cut $600,000 of annual expense from their operating budget in 45 minutes! The more interesting thing was they all also said, “I wish I had done this two years ago. We don’t even notice the impact of the cuts.” Why this happens: Entrepreneurs particularly of fast growing companies often get overly fixated on revenue growth. Its understandable, why this happens. Revenue is easy to measure and its common sense […]

High Growth Companies In A Slow Growth Industry

One of our clients is a fast growing market research firm. They received an industry report from one of the gurus of the industry. Overall, revenues for leading market research companies were down slightly in 2008 and contracted by 1%. More interesting to us, was there were three companies that grew by over 30% growth during 2008! That finding is a constant reminder that innovative companies can often grow at significant rates while the rest of the industry is flat or contracting. (See other posts under this label and you will see similar insights on high growth businesses and their […]