Growth and Liquidity Financing: How We Helped a Client Fund Faster Growth and Take Capital Out of Business

Growth Capital and Liquidity Financing:  How Lantern Capital Advisors helped a client fund faster growth and take capital out of the business.

Situation:  Owners of a growing software and services company were interested to explore financing alternatives to fund faster growth as well as take capital out of the business.

How Lantern Capital Advisors helped secure growth capital financing:  Lantern helped the company secure a variety of financing alternatives that ranged from bank debt financing of $3 million (without personal guarantees) to a variety of specialty debt and equity financing solutions that ranged from $5 million to $25 million.

What our Clients Say:  “As an early second stage company, we needed growth capital and planning advice and counsel.  A fellow business operator and trusted advisor recommended Lantern Capital Advisors.  They learned our unique business, helped us structure a growth strategy and wrote and marketed our business plan.  We obtained the funding in a short order with the benefit of several varied proposals.  I am delighted to included Lantern in a very small group of trusted confidants and advisors!”

Growth Capital and Liquidity Financing

Management Buyouts

Lantern Capital Advisors helps growing companies find the financing solutions to fund management buyouts while keeping management in control and preserve and/or maximize ownership.

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Growth Capital Financing

Lantern Capital Advisors helps growing entrepreneurial companies effectively plan and finance their growth using a corporate financial planning process that appeals to business owners and works consistently well.

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Owner Liquidity Financing

Lantern helps companies secure capital from a variety of financing alternatives to help owners take capital out of their business and provide for some owner liquidity financing.

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Lantern Capital Advisors helps growing companies secure financing from a variety of capital sources.  Our fees are based on our time and do not vary based on the financing or funding sources our clients choose.  Our fees are ofter a fraction of the cost of those charged by investment banks or brokers for a similar service.  Our process allows us to provide early feedback direct from funding sources within weeks of starting a project.

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