Weekly What If: What If We Consolidate On Our Own?

The Weekly What If…Chronicling companies that transformed their business by Exploring What if  Today’s biggest boat retailer was organized around this What If.  Today, Marine Max is America’ largest boating and yachting retailer with over 50 locations in 19 states.   In 2004, I interviewed company, CEO and Chairman Bill McGill and was surprised to learn more about their history.  Mr. McGill, an engineer by background, owned and ran a successful single location boat dealership in St. Petersburg Florida. In 1997, Mr. McGill and a handful of other successful dealers were approached by a private equity firm that pitched the idea of consolidating their […]

What If We Eliminate Late Fees?

The Weekly What If…Chronicling companies that transformed their business by Exploring What if Praised for its clever business model, it was really this What if that started its massive growth.  Based on its market value and number of customers, there is a good chance you use, Netflix. I do. Their mail order driven business model kicked Blockbuster’s drive up business to the curb! Since its meteoric rise the company has garnered a huge valuation and the esteem of strategic thinkers like the authors of the Blue Ocean Strategy for its ability to take a completely new approach to video delivery. […]

Weekly What If: What If We Change The Revenue Model

20 Year Old Software Company Unlocks Explosive Growth with this “What If” A small, well respected technology provider (name witheld) had logged years of constant technology innovation for its bank and retailer customers. As an example, this company was one of the first to enable instand credit and credit card applications directly from the department store counter. That type of continued innovation led to steady growth and a marquee list of customers. However, despite their technology achievements and customer satisfaction, the company was still relatively small and appeared to lack much real growth potential. A big challenge for the company […]

Weekly What If: Buy Out Business Partner

Exit Strategies What if we buyout our business partner?  For some companies, their biggest roadblock to growth isn’t a lack of ideas, motivation or initiative. It is a business partner that has other priorities.  For companies with significant growth potential, this challenge arises frequently. One owner wants to grow; the other wants to sell.  One owner sees potential and the other sees risk. Sometimes this comes from different perspectives, stages of life or generations like in family businesses (the younger generation wants to build wealth while wants to protect it).  Owners caught in this position can go through years of […]

Asking What If: The Rules Of Cheese Moving

The Rules of Cheese Moving What’s that smell? It’s a new smell, something we haven’t experienced before. “Movement in a new direction helps you find new cheese.” Have you become so engrossed in the day to day operations and the growth of your business, that you haven’t even popped your head outside your office to ask the question, “what if?” You’ve got an army assembled of sales people covering their territories, selling your gizmo and what you have to offer, but are you strategically thinking about where this is all going? Where are you going? What is the plan? “The […]