Failure Is Not An Option

If you haven’t seen the ad by Chrysler featuring Enimem, well, we want to share it with you, provided that You Tube doesn’t take it down… What does your company know about luxury? The finest things in life. Especially when the questions are asked by someone that has never set foot in your business, in your world, in your shoes, in your town. The hottest fires make the hardest steel. What does your company know about being successful, especially when the talking heads swear that the sky is falling, and that there won’t possibly be anyone left to buy what […]

Weekly What If: What If We Change The Revenue Model

20 Year Old Software Company Unlocks Explosive Growth with this “What If” A small, well respected technology provider (name witheld) had logged years of constant technology innovation for its bank and retailer customers. As an example, this company was one of the first to enable instand credit and credit card applications directly from the department store counter. That type of continued innovation led to steady growth and a marquee list of customers. However, despite their technology achievements and customer satisfaction, the company was still relatively small and appeared to lack much real growth potential. A big challenge for the company […]

Facts On High Growth Companies: What is A High Growth Company?

What is a High Growth Company?  When someone says ‘high growth company’ they immediately tend to think of classic venture capital focused businesses like technology companies, biotech and software. But reflecting on our experience, more than half of high growth clients came out of traditional, often boring old industries, like manufacturing, business services and distribution. Our experience though is not unique to the broader picture. Attesting to this, a Washington think tank organization, the National Commission on Entrepreneurship published a report entitled “High Growth Companies: Mapping America’s Entrepreneurial Landscape” in July 2001. The report was based on their exhaustive review […]

The Wonder of Bras: Tales From Hollywood Boulevard

The Wonder of Bras Recently we were asked to consider sitting on a panel for an executive conference of growing companies, and of course, we jumped at the chance.  But, one of the “corporate sponsors” (i.e. an investment banking firm) quacked at the thought of it, and so we were asked to participate in a program later in the year. Why?  Of course we know why!  Investment bankers are our competition and although a national accounting/consulting firm highly recommended us, the investment banker wasn’t buying it.  Using Lantern Capital Advisors to raise capital or get a company refinanced is like […]

Weekly What If: Spark People

8 million people are improving their fitness thanks to this What If. We were just in a meeting this morning and thought that we really needed to share our favorite companies, not because people are looking to us as trend setters, but because the momentum of businesses doing really great things to “shake it up” from the norm while exploring “What If” really is exciting to us, and it’s what we are about as a company. Why we do what we do the way we do it is another post, but today’s blog post features one of Chris Risey’s favorite […]

Rent The Runway: Disrupting The Business Model

I have to admit, I am a pretty dress type of woman. I love watching the red carpet more than the awards show, and I would rather invest in quality than quantity. I know that when I plunk down my American Express for the once in a lifetime dress, it’s really just for that occasion, although I readily acknowledge that the chance for me to wear the eggplant Badgley Mischka gown is slim to none outside of the Mardi Gras Ball that I am purchasing it specifically to wear. And, I felt that I “saved” money, even though spending $795 […]