Growing by Acquisition: A key factor that drives successful acquisitions

Growing By Acquisiton: A Key Factor That Drives Successful Acquisitions. When targeting an acquisition it’s pretty easy to get lost in the numbers.  After all, financial analysis is critical for acquisition financing, valuing the acquisition and seeing how the Company can add financial or enterprise value to the current business.   When considering growing by acquisition, a harder question to assess is whether the acquisition is likely to successful in the long run.  A study*(see link below) done by PriceWaterhouseCoopers found that those acquisitions that provided a capability or strategic fit created on average 14% more value than those that […]

The New Get Rich Scheme: No Money Down!

I recently got a call from two people writing a book about buying companies and doing it with no money down. They wanted me to help people that read their book, do exactly that. After talking to them I looked around on the web and found several (paid) ads selling this same system either through an online course or book. To me this is the same old gimmick as the ‘no money down’ real estate schemes. I admit I have not bought any of these materials, but I believe my instincts that like any other get rich fast scheme, the […]