10 Strategies To Raise Capital Effectively

Below is a link to a popular article Lantern Advisors posted with CFO.com. It is most relevant to entrepreneurs and CFOs of high growth companies that have already achieved some level of success and are considering a capital raise as part of an effort to substantially grow the value of their business (and equity.) For example, this is highly relevant to any profitable, $10 million revenue business that has the potential (with additional capital) to reach or exceed $100 million in revenue. This article address the key components contributing to a successful capital raise, such as a quality business plan, […]

Traits of A Good CFO

A recent CFO.com article, Crisis Demands New CFO Skills, suggests CFOs with lots of capital raising and mergers and acquisitions experience are what companies need to deal with today’s difficult financing environment. While its a challenging financing market, getting a new CFO with capital raising experience, may not solve your problem and could even make it worse. Here’s why: 1. The core functions of private company CFO are 90% internally focused (operations, taxes, margins, budgeting). Raising capital or M& A work is typically a once every three or four years exercise. 2. I have worked with many CFOs that had […]

Capital Shortage? Hardly

In the midst of this credit freeze, I am routinely always asked, “Is there ANY one out there funding growing businesses?” My answer is, “of course!” Just like Warren Buffet is spreading his money around, the same can be said for SOME investors and specialty lenders and senior lenders. For every banker that is posting his resume to Monster.com, there’s another banker/lender working 60 hours a week. The real trick is knowing who is (really) doing what. But frequently talking to bankers/lenders/investors the truth is, some are very busy and others aren’t. Not only do I know this from personal […]

The Best CFO I worked with was a controller

A recent CFO.com article* (see link below) stated that because of the credit crisis, there will be a new breed of CFO. This new breed will be one heavy with capital markets experience. I believe that predication will turn out to be as much of an overreaction as the credit crunch is right now. Titles don’t matter. In private companies senior finance people may be called CFO, VP of Finance, Controller or even COO or President. The core job function of CFOs of private companies including rapidly growing ones (“Gazelles”) is about 90% internally focused (operations, financial reporting, dealing with […]