Financing Challenges: How We Helped a Client Buy His Division From The Owner

Financing Challenges: How We Helped a Client Buy His Division From The Owner

Management Buyout Financing Challenges:  How Lantern Capital Advisors helped a client buy his division from the owner.

Situation:  A divisional manager wanted to buy his division from the owner who was having financing challenges with the bank.

How Lantern Capital Advisors helped execute the management buyout:

Lantern helped the manager negotiate the purchase price and terms of the management buyout and secure $7 million to finance it (management buyout financing).  As part of the transaction, this division was spun out into a separate entity.  The manager invested $200,000 and received a 25% ownership stake in the new Company.   If the Company achieves 80% of its forecasted annual income over the next 5 years, the manager’s ownership stake will increase to over 42%.  In addition, other key management and the selling owner also own 13% of the equity.   If the Company achieves near its financial plan, the key management along with selling owner are positioned to own 55% of the Company’s equity.  

Today, the manager serves as CEO and works with a ‘hands-off’ investment fund that gives him autonomy to set the Company’s strategic direction and run the day-to-day operations.

Unique Financing Challenges:

  • The division had limited operational and financial history less than three years
  • The manager had limited personal capital to invest
  • Manager wanted a significant ownership stake and control of the company after the management buyout
  • The transaction needed to be done quickly to realize the opportunity

Management Buyout Financing Challenges

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