Failure Is Not An Option

If you haven’t seen the ad by Chrysler featuring Enimem, well, we want to share it with you, provided that You Tube doesn’t take it down… What does your company know about luxury? The finest things in life. Especially when the questions are asked by someone that has never set foot in your business, in your world, in your shoes, in your town. The hottest fires make the hardest steel. What does your company know about being successful, especially when the talking heads swear that the sky is falling, and that there won’t possibly be anyone left to buy what […]

When Is The Right Time To Sell Your Business?

One of my favorite shows is “The Office”, I’ll leave the humor out of this post, but the show only exists because the original creators took a chance at producing “something new”. Does anyone even care or know what they did before? What made Simon Cowell so famous in the United States was not producing Teletubbies, but telling contestants the truth on the hit show, American Idol. He’s onto something new now, and we’ll probably all take some time to watch. Business is picking up. Things are looking good. Your sales team has really delivered. But you wonder, is now […]

How To Get Funding Sources Interested In Your Business

How To Get Funding Sources Interested In Your Business Entrepreneurs have great ideas, and know how to execute the idea.  Typically they are visionaries, and excel at articulating their business proposition, know who they are going to go after, and can sell their product to those that have a need for what they’ve got.  Entrepreneurs are the most interesting people to work with, because they are the ones in the room what weren’t afraid to explore what was out there, to try something different outside of how everyone else was doing it, and are constantly soaking up information to transform […]

Weekly What If: Buy Out Business Partner

Exit Strategies What if we buyout our business partner?  For some companies, their biggest roadblock to growth isn’t a lack of ideas, motivation or initiative. It is a business partner that has other priorities.  For companies with significant growth potential, this challenge arises frequently. One owner wants to grow; the other wants to sell.  One owner sees potential and the other sees risk. Sometimes this comes from different perspectives, stages of life or generations like in family businesses (the younger generation wants to build wealth while wants to protect it).  Owners caught in this position can go through years of […]

The Wonder of Bras: Tales From Hollywood Boulevard

The Wonder of Bras Recently we were asked to consider sitting on a panel for an executive conference of growing companies, and of course, we jumped at the chance.  But, one of the “corporate sponsors” (i.e. an investment banking firm) quacked at the thought of it, and so we were asked to participate in a program later in the year. Why?  Of course we know why!  Investment bankers are our competition and although a national accounting/consulting firm highly recommended us, the investment banker wasn’t buying it.  Using Lantern Capital Advisors to raise capital or get a company refinanced is like […]

Asking What If: The Rules Of Cheese Moving

The Rules of Cheese Moving What’s that smell? It’s a new smell, something we haven’t experienced before. “Movement in a new direction helps you find new cheese.” Have you become so engrossed in the day to day operations and the growth of your business, that you haven’t even popped your head outside your office to ask the question, “what if?” You’ve got an army assembled of sales people covering their territories, selling your gizmo and what you have to offer, but are you strategically thinking about where this is all going? Where are you going? What is the plan? “The […]

Weekly What If: Spark People

8 million people are improving their fitness thanks to this What If. We were just in a meeting this morning and thought that we really needed to share our favorite companies, not because people are looking to us as trend setters, but because the momentum of businesses doing really great things to “shake it up” from the norm while exploring “What If” really is exciting to us, and it’s what we are about as a company. Why we do what we do the way we do it is another post, but today’s blog post features one of Chris Risey’s favorite […]

Rent The Runway: Disrupting The Business Model

I have to admit, I am a pretty dress type of woman. I love watching the red carpet more than the awards show, and I would rather invest in quality than quantity. I know that when I plunk down my American Express for the once in a lifetime dress, it’s really just for that occasion, although I readily acknowledge that the chance for me to wear the eggplant Badgley Mischka gown is slim to none outside of the Mardi Gras Ball that I am purchasing it specifically to wear. And, I felt that I “saved” money, even though spending $795 […]

Did Borders Not Explore The Future?

I hate to tell you, “I Told you so.” But I told you so. Today’s Headline Breaking News: “Borders Bankruptcy Filing Expected as early as Monday or Tuesday. Borders Plans To Close about 200 stores.” “Movement in a new direction helps you find new cheese.” Everyone else was heading in that direction, if you can’t develop the app for that, then the mice will go elsewhere. Even the Catholic Church this week developed an “App for Confessions!”, although the Vatican announced today that they aren’t completely okay with that. I wonder if anyone in their strategy session dreamed about a […]

What Is A Gazelle?

WHAT IS A GAZELLE? The term ‘gazelle’ or ‘gazelles’ is by no means a ‘business standard’ term but its used quit a bit to describe high growth companies.   Investopedia, for example, defines a gazelle company as one that grows at an annual rate of 20% or more. We named the corporate finance blog of Lantern Capital Advisors “” because Lantern is in the business of helping high growth companies realize their potential.  We do this by identifying and implementing corporate finance strategies that help growing companies achieve their goals.