Failure Is Not An Option. Move Your Cheese.

Failure Is Not An Option. Move Your Cheese.

If you haven’t seen the ad by Chrysler featuring Enimem, well, we want to share it with you, provided that You Tube doesn’t take it down…

What does your company know about luxury? The finest things in life. Especially when the questions are asked by someone that has never set foot in your business, in your world, in your shoes, in your town. The hottest fires make the hardest steel.
What does your company know about being successful, especially when the talking heads swear that the sky is falling, and that there won’t possibly be anyone left to buy what you are selling. Don’t listen to the heads, listen to your dreams. Listen to your instinct.

Are you going to Hem and Haw about it, or are you going to Sniff and Scurry?

Quickly adapting to change, anticipating what is coming down the path, knowing what you need to do before you even dream about it (or better yet, inventing it before someone else does).
You know your customer. You know what you can do. You’ve assembled the best and the brightest in your industry. You know how you can be the first to anticipate and quickly respond to change.

Provide what your customer needs, when they need it.

Sure, the challenges and obstacles might be difficult, but you know how to Move Your Cheese. Send out your troops to find more opportunities, don’t be afraid to ask and then explore what if, you don’t even know what’s out there unless you step outside.