Charlie Sheen On Corporate Financial Planning

Charlie Sheen On Corporate Financial Planning

Charlie Sheen On Corporate Financial Planning:  What Charlie Sheen can tell YOU about your business – “Sheenisms” by Lantern Capital Advisors

Like many of you, I ventured to the ‘octagon’ last night as I drifted in and out of semi-consciousness while I watched the thoroughly engaging Charlie Sheen interview on 20/20. Wow! That being said, call him a $2M a week ‘junkie’, ‘delusional’, ‘crass’ or just plain ‘pickled’ BUT when it comes to financial planning and your business, he brought up some rather interesting concepts that Tony Robbins just hadn’t articulated clearly enough…

So, provided for your entertainment during this crazy week of non-stop “All Things Charlie” and the fact that the media doesn’t read Tony Robbins, Here are some “Sheenisms” for your enjoyment. In the spirit of entrepreneurship that he supports, here are some “Sheenisms” and what they can teach you about financial planning for your business.

“The Scoreboard doesn’t lie” – Whether good or bad, your financial results, say a lot about your business. Key figures like cash flow, profits and debt do matter. No matter what your ‘potential’ may be or how your business is ‘strategic’ to your customers and potential buyers, the financials tell a story that doesn’t lie. The scoreboard says a lot about what your business is likely worth, what’s working and not working as well as what financing alternatives you have (and don’t have.) Charlie’s advice: understand and learn from your scoreboard.

The Best Entrepreneurs are “warlocks” – in “Charlie Speak” – a warlock is someone with ‘special powers’ that can ‘turn tin to gold” as well as “shoot poetry out of their fingertips.” While I don’t know about the poetry, he does have a point that great business owners don’t just have happy customers, respect of their employees, or an inspiring mission statement. At the end of the day they create real economic value (or ‘gold’). Again, while ‘shooting poetry from your fingertips” would be a great party trick…Charlie’s real advice: be like him, be a ‘warlock.’

The real thrill of business is ‘winning’ – “winning” in “Charlie Speak” means showing up your executive producer who supposedly has ugly kids and an ugly wife. That’s not me. But…‘Winning’ in business is a (somewhat) similar concept that means success is really how you define it, and what’s important to you. That could mean how you choose to exit your business or achieving what matters to you the most – and as a private business owner – you get to decide, and that’s a wonderful thing. Charlie’s advice: identify what is ‘winning’ to you and chart your own course – it can be exhilarating, especially if you’ve got a Goddess beside you.

So if you are someone ‘that signs the front of a check’ (Charlie discussing having his children respect him when they grow up) and are the ruler of your “octagon” (Charlie’s imaginary place where good and evil battle for supremacy…i.e. your business) to summarize Charlie’s words of Wisdom (and in all fun, of course)…

“Strive to be a ‘warlock’ and pay attention to the “scoreboard that doesn’t lie” and you will experience euphoria (‘winning!’) that goes beyond just the money.”

If you find Charlie’s word’s of wisdom (“Sheenisms”) really inspiring, check out… and their Charlie Sheen Glossary of Terms – they have much more to offer, and some terms that we couldn’t relate to at all…and, you can always read Anthony Robbins Awaken The Giant Within, because it’s sitting on Charlie’s kitchen counter.