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Lantern Capital Advisors frequently publishes White Papers on topics of Corporate Finance, Strategy, and Raising Capital. The following are some of our featured white papers.

Corporate Financial Planning / White Papers

Find Your Fast Break Strategy

A fast break play in basketball occurs when a team races down the court and scores a goal as quickly possible. Loosely translating that to business, fast break strategy means an approach that maximizes an owner’s goal (i.e. like running up the score), or achieves a desired goal as quickly as possible.

Corporate Debt Refinance / Raising Capital

Refinance Company Debt White Paper

Shocking headlines from major financial institutions like Merrill Lynch to Fannie Mae, underscore the liquidity shortage that banks face and thus operating companies. Many quality companies will get caught in the middle. Detailed below is a fast track process for finding financing alternatives and added peace of mind during these uncertain times.

Acquisition Financing / Raising Capital

Strategic acquisitions can provide a viable way of driving added growth but they can also often present some unique challenges which can derail companies from reaching their ultimate goals. One of those challenges in financing. This white paper identifies 5 helpful strategies for effectively securing acquisition financing.

Management Buyout / Selling Your Company To Management

Accomplishing a buyout where management owns a significant portion of the equity requires some out of the box thinking that can go against the conventional wisdom for financing management buyouts.

This short white paper suggests five important strategies for both completing a buyout and maximizing management ownership.